In this episode, Bryan talks with Sarah Donaldson about NYC's hip hop police, American Immigrants to Mexico and sea lions with depression..

Bryan sits down with Toronto comic Dan Guiry to discuss fatherhood, residential schools, and Monstanto's war on humans.

SEP. 17

AUG. 13

In this weeks episode of Glorious and Free, Bryan is joined by "Filth City" star Danny Polishchuk to talk about Rob Ford, 3d printed guns, and the Proud Boys.

JUL. 30

Introducing GLORIOUS AND FREE! The Canadian political talk show that questions the media's ability to keep the government in check. We also tell dick jokes!

NOV. 17

Glorious and Free goes live December16th at the Underground Comedy Club in Toronto! Get your tickets here!

Catch Bryan O'Gorman on the fourth episode from the 23rd season on Halifax Comedy Festival this Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018 on CBC Television! 

DEC. 3

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FEB. 7

Actor/Comedian Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll describes growing up Latino in the suburbs and his love affair with the comic character Venom in this week's episode of Glorious and Free! Plus! we find out why the giant panda just changed his Facebook status to "vulnerable".

DEC. 26

Bryan catches up with Comedian Danish Anwar to talk about his new roast battle show, ethnic tension, and how power ends up in the hands of young stupid men. Special guest this week: The Royal Bengal Tiger!